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JV LEADERBOARD (Final Leadboard)

1st: Bertus Engelbrecht…Congrats, Enjoy the iPad Mini!
2nd: Jeremy + Simon….Memberspeed Out of NOWHERE.
3rd: Peter Lenkefi…Way to push it man, crushed it.
4th: Suzanna Theresia…Thanks Suzanna for the great support.
5th: Travis Ketchum…Mr. Domination, pushing hard.
6th: Jonathan Teng…Your subs love you…awesome work!
7th: Max R…As always, another solid promotion.
8th: Todd Gross…Always bringing the heat.
9th: MAO Flynn…Brought the pain for this launch.
10th: Hector Yague… Way to hit the top 10 man.

Just outside the top 10, but honorable mention:

Mark Call, Michael Long, Han Fan, David Eisner, Sean Donahoe,
Matt Stefanik, Justin Popovic, Mike Johnson, Ricky Mataka,
Nick Jolin, Daniel Lew, Precious Ngwu and lots more!


1st Place: iPad Mini 64GB or $500 Cash (Min: 60 FE sales)


2nd Place: App Controlled Wireless Spy Tank or $300 Cash


3rd Place: Bluetooth Keyboard and iPad Case or $200 Cash


4th Place: Arcade Game Controller with Joystick or $100 Cash


5th Place: Klick Kick Stand with 360 Rotation for iPad or $50 Cash


6th -10th Place: Kick Ass Head Massager or $25 Cash

head massager

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